Learning the law: an online suite of teaching tools

Learning the law: an online suite of teaching tools

About the project

Learning the law is an online suite of teaching tools for secondary specialist school teachers. It is suitable for students with a mild intellectual disability in years 8 to 12. Teachers in mainstream schools who want simplified materials on these topics may also find this a useful resource.

Victoria Legal Aid and the Victorian Department of Education and Training partnered to create Learning the law.

The kit is e-based and includes two short videos, two teachers' resources with background notes and activities. It is supported with training to help teachers feel confident about the legal content.

The legal issues

Picture of Learning the law education kit.

The kit has one module: Fines and Driving.

As young people start to become independent and visible in the community they begin to encounter authority figures such as police officers and ticket inspectors. Dealing with authority figures can have legal consequences if young people don’t know their rights and make negative decisions, whether intentionally or not. For a young person with an intellectual disability, trying to figure out what to do can be even harder.

The kit is one of the few legal education resources made for young people with an intellectual disability.

To view the kit see Learning the law.

Professional development for teachers

In order to support teachers at special schools and those at mainstream schools who teach students with intellectual disabilities, we have developed a professional development program. This program is designed to increase the legal literacy and capability of teachers to deliver the module in their classrooms. It includes introducing teachers to the various tools in the kit, providing engaging roles plays and scenarios, and providing ample time to answer legal questions.

We can tailor professional development to other types of teachers or educators, if there is a strong need for training in the use of this resource. The program is free.

If you are interested in finding out more about our program, please email our Community Legal Education team at cle@vla.vic.gov.au.

Our partners

Our partners include the Victorian Department of Education and Training. We also worked with an advisory group of principals and teachers.

We acknowledge teachers and students at Berendale, Ashwood, Heatherwood, Marnebek, Naranga and Warringa Park schools who have contributed to the project.

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We are currently evaluating the impact of the Fines topic on students.

Contact us

If you would like more information or if your school or community organisation is interested in training on this resource, please contact:

Community Legal Education
Email: cle@vla.vic.gov.au
Phone: (03) 9269 0234 and ask for Community Legal Education.

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