Associate director appointed to new Sector Engagement and Service Design team

Associate director appointed to new Sector Engagement and Service Design team

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

In 2016, we established the Services and Innovation directorate to provide organisational leadership on strategic and systemic issues relating to regional access to justice and legal aid service delivery.

The directorate was also tasked with leading designated innovation projects across the legal assistance sector, including sponsoring our collaborative place-based planning pilots and our Sector Innovation Planning Committee.

We are making a series of organisational changes to better support these functions, principally through the creation of the Sector Engagement and Service Design team.

The team will incorporate the existing Community Legal Centre Funding and Development team and the sector planning and client-centred service design functions of the Client Access team.

Amy Schwebel was recently appointed as Associate Director Sector Engagement and Service Design, following a competitive recruitment process and will be leading this new team.

Image of Amy Schwebel
Above: Associate Director Sector Engagement and Service Design Amy Schwebel

Amy is currently the Manager of Strategy in our Family, Youth and Children's Law Directorate.

Since 2017, she has provided advice on the directorate's strategy, stakeholder relationships and emerging issues, as well as overseeing the development and delivery of program and risk planning and strategic projects.

Amy has previously worked in various roles at the International Women’s Development Agency and as a Legal Fellow at Minority Rights Group International. She is currently on the Board of South East Community Links.

The new team and addition of an associate director will:

  • allow for more dedicated engagement and support for the CLC sector
  • recognise the interrelationship of our Victoria Legal Aid regional offices and community legal centres in assessing and responding to state-wide legal need
  • ensure alignment between our Sector Innovation Planning Committee and the Collaborative Planning Committee (a new advisory committee that will provide evidence-based recommendations and advice to the VLA Board in relation to the legal and related needs of the community)
  • enable our existing Access and Equity program to focus more effort on improving the effectiveness of client intake, assessment and triage and referral arrangements.

The Sector Engagement and Service Design team will commence in mid-November.

More information

If you would like further information about these changes, please contact Acting Executive Director Services and Innovation Sonia Law at

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