Board appoints acting managing director

Board appoints acting managing director

Monday, 6 August 2018

Earlier this month Bevan Warner, our Managing Director of 10 years, stepped down. Our Board has appointed Peter Noble, Executive Director, Services and Innovation, as Acting Managing Director while recruitment of a new Managing Director is completed.

As Acting Managing Director Peter says his focus is on providing stable leadership through this time of transition, ensuring our Senior Executive Team and broader staff group feel well supported.

Acting Managing Director Peter Noble
Acting Managing Director Peter Noble

‘We have so many talented staff. I’m really confident in our ability to navigate these uncertain times and continue to provide excellent services and professional support, in collaboration with our sector partners,’ said Peter.

Peter began his legal career in private practice in Brisbane before moving into the community legal sector. Peter led the establishment of Bendigo’s Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre and Shepparton’s Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre, becoming Executive Officer of their parent organisation ARC Justice in 2013. Peter joined Victoria Legal Aid in August 2016 bring his broad experience to a newly created role as Executive Director, Services and Innovation.

In his Executive Director role, Peter’s work has focused on meeting the justice needs of rural and regional communities, supporting our regional offices, sponsoring our soon-to-be-launched Strategy 22 (our four-year strategic plan), and implementing innovative service design like health justice partnerships.

He has led the delivery of a wide range of collaborative projects which aim to improve access to justice across Victoria. This includes the establishment of a Victoria Legal Aid office in Mildura, sponsoring a Private Practitioner Duty Lawyer Scheme in Warrnambool, and developing a data strategy for Victoria Legal Aid.

Peter said that the development of the data strategy is a collaborative and highly innovative project that will ultimately support better service targeting and underpin future funding requests.

 ‘We are beginning to visualise our service data, in partnership with our practice partners, to create a picture of services in response to need.

‘The way we respond to complex need will improve as our data improves over time. Understanding and addressing how people’s legal issues intersect with other wellbeing issues is one of the biggest opportunities for innovation.

‘Whether it’s the intersection of culture and law (exposing the devastating experience of colonization for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people), the trajectory of child protection clients through residential care into custodial services, the “unravelling” experience of people during psychosis when legal issues can rapidly accumulate, or the isolating and devastating whole-of-life impact for people experiencing family violence, data can assist us to better to design client-centred services that are holistic and responsive to individual needs,’ said Peter.

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