Claiming your costs

Claiming your costs

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Invoicing at every billable event or stage of a matter is not only a requirement, but can save you time and effort. We often come across files where costs have not been claimed in a reasonable period. This can cause delays in assessing extensions, delays in your firm receiving payment and barristers chasing you for outstanding costs. Shelving the task of claims for costs until a matter is finalised can also result in you missing events for which you ordinarily are entitled to claim.

Inadvertently overlooking what you can claim

Recently, we assisted a practitioner with queries from barristers for non-payment of fees.  Our investigations resulted in not only the barristers receiving their payments but also identifying an additional $2000 worth of costs, which the practitioner had overlooked in claiming.  

Don’t let those fees you are entitled to go unclaimed and submit those claims after every event.

Tips for keeping on top of claims

After every court event, you should submit a claim for your work. 

Before you submit your extension of assistance, check your file and ensure you have claimed your costs for the previous stage. 

Contact​ us

If you need training in submitting claims or guidance around what fees you are entitled to, give Assignments a call on (03)9269 0600 and choose 1 for the Family Law team.  

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