Client satisfaction remains high

Client satisfaction remains high

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Results from our latest client satisfaction survey confirms overall satisfaction levels remain high in 2019, with 70 per cent of clients satisfied, or very satisfied with our services.

Earlier this year, independent research agency, Colmar Brunton, surveyed 997 clients to help us better understand our clients’ experience and their expectations of our service.

The results indicate that our services have a very positive impact on clients’ wellbeing – our assistance boosted their positive emotions and reduced their negative emotions.

Bridget McAloon, Manager of Research, Evaluation and Library, says our clients’ emotional state improved substantially after receiving our help.

‘Before receiving our help, clients had relatively high levels of stress, depression and anger, with lower levels of calmness, confidence and feeling informed,’ she said.

‘After our help, their feelings of stress, depression and anger reduced. While feelings of calmness, confidence and feeling informed increased.’

There have been no changes in overall rates of satisfaction since the last survey in 2017.

‘This is an encouraging finding and is reflective of quality service delivery, as well as the dedication and hard work of staff at all levels in the face of increasing demand for our services,’ Bridget said.

Key findings

  • 84 per cent clients agree that it was easy to contact VLA when they first needed help
  • 82 per cent of clients felt that their lawyer or advisor listened to them
  • 77 per cent of clients felt that their lawyer or advisor helped them understand their situation
  • 86 per cent of clients felt empowered to seek legal help in the future
  • 45 per cent of clients with personal/cultural needs felt that VLA met those needs
  • 85 per cent of clients would recommend our services to others.

Bridget says while the findings of client satisfaction were mainly positive, the study has also revealed some areas where we can improve.

‘Feeling that our service met the clients’ expectation was rated the lowest across all service types,’ Bridget said.

‘This can be attributed to a range of factors including ineligibility for services in relation to expectations, lower than expected quantities or types of service and perception of under-resourcing.

‘The in-depth interviews revealed that clients who were deemed ineligible, as well as clients’ who received a less intensive service than what they expected, demonstrated higher dissatisfaction than those who received greater or more intensive services.’

Carman Parsons, Manager of Client Intake and Inclusion, says the survey provides important information on how satisfied our clients are as well as areas where we can improve.

‘The overall results and specific feedback from clients in this survey will inform the Client First Strategy – a coordinated approach to existing and future activities which aim to improve clients’ experiences of seeking and receiving help,’ Carman said.

The clients surveyed in the Client Satisfaction Survey were chosen at random and had received either Legal Help information, legal advice, duty lawyer services, or a grant of aid between July 2018 and February 2019.

Client journey map

A client journey map shows a client’s typical journey with getting legal assistance – from first making contact, their experience with legal aid services and their legal outcome. We use these journey maps and others to identify key points in our system where we can improve the service experience for clients.

Download the journey map from the Client Satisfaction Survey webpage.

More information

Read more, including what we are doing about this feedback, and download a copy of the summary report at Client Satisfaction Survey.

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