Family law contravention list pilot at FCC Melbourne registry

Family law contravention list pilot at FCC Melbourne registry

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

A specific contravention list is being piloted in the Melbourne registry of the Federal Circuit Court (FCC), starting this week.

The Melbourne Registrars Contravention List pilot is being implemented for all Melbourne Federal Circuit Court contravention applications filed from 23 April 2018. Applications filed from this date are listed directly to a Contravention List before a registrar 28 days in advance. The first of these lists is being held on Wednesday 30 May.

When the application comes before the registrar, the registrar will:

  • ask the applicant what outcome they are seeking 
  • conduct a preliminary assessment as to whether the documentation filed by the applicant complies with the requirements of Division 13A of the Family Law Act
  • confirm that the court’s focus is on the best interests of the children, and that this may not be best served by a contravention application
  • ask the parties whether a resolution of the application is possible without the need for a trial
  • ask the parties whether they would be willing to attend mediation to resolve the issues and/or attempt to assist the parties with a non-trial based resolution.

Directions may be made either for dispute resolution processes or for the application to be listed before a designated contravention judge for determination.

List size will generally be limited to ten applications.

The frequency of the list is currently being determined, but will likely settle on weekly or fortnightly.

Confirmed listing dates are:

  • Wednesday 30 May
  • Monday 18 June
  • Monday 25 June
  • Monday 16 July.

More information

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