From the auditor’s desk – top tips to prepare for a quality audit

From the auditor’s desk – top tips to prepare for a quality audit

Monday, 29 October 2018

To support our panel practitioner partners, the Quality Audit (QA) team have complied our top tips to assist you in having a successful and smooth audit.

Our tips are based on the experience gathered from audits across several of our Section 29A panels, and from the feedback we have provided to practitioners following quality audits.

To prepare for a quality audit, practitioners should ensure files are kept in chronological order, with all relevant documents including court documents and reports secured onto the file.

Top ten tips for doing well in a quality audit

  1. Conflict checks should be documented on the files.
  2. Files should be kept in chronological order with all documents secured onto the file.
  3. File notes should be legible. 
  4. Client instructions, including personal history relevant to the matter, should be documented on the file.
  5. Advice to the client should be recorded on the file.
  6. Evidence of regular contact with the client, including progress reports. 
  7. If you are supervising a matter, the file should contain evidence that you have provided supervision.
  8. Clients should be provided with a final outcome letter. 
  9. Separate files should be kept for separate matters.
  10. All relevant documents, including court documents and reports, should be included on the file.

Download the quality audits terms and conditions

See Section 29A panels conditions to download the quality audit terms and conditions or other schedules of the panel deed.

More information

The QA team look forward to further strengthening our partnership with private practitioners who conduct work on behalf of Victoria Legal Aid.

If you have questions about quality audits, please contact the Quality Audit team, via email or phone direct on (03) 9269 0605 and (03) 9269 0558.

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