Further response to the practising certificate fees review

Further response to the practising certificate fees review

Monday, 25 September 2017

We responded to the Victoria Legal Services Board and Commissioner’s (LSBC) review of practising certificate fees in April 2017.

We share the view of many in the profession that regulatory costs should be kept to an efficient minimum. We think it is important to strike a balance between proper regulation, and the effect of regulatory cost on the profession and consumers.

We have now made an early submission to the formal Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) process. During the Review of Lawyer’s Practising Certificate Fees – Update Information Forum (Forum) in late July 2017, nine new options were presented. This early submission to the RIS responds to the nine new fee options presented by the LSBC at the Forum.

We recognise that all options presented by the LSBC involve accommodating a sudden increase in the base costs of regulation. We would like this burden to be reduced to mitigate the risks to the suppliers of legal aid services.

More information

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