Indictable crime's first quality audit

Indictable crime's first quality audit

Monday, 15 October 2018

During 2017–18 we conducted our first indictable crime panel practitioner quality audit. We would like to thank our panel practitioner partners for working with us.

The overall majority of panel members did not require further support or monitoring to meet the practice standards.

The Quality Audit team noted the engaging and constructive response from indictable crime practitioners to the audit process.

Key facts and findings include:

  • 7 practitioners from the indictable crime panel were quality audited
  • 27 practitioner files were reviewed by the Quality Audit team
  • 43 per cent of practitioners audited practiced in regional Victoria
  • 99 instances of non-adherence to the Practice Standards were identified.

Over 23 per cent of those instances relate to the following three practice standards:

  • Ensure that all important documents are easily identifiable in the file, and the file is maintained in chronological or other logical order.
  • Keep files (including electronic files) organised in such a way that if anyone else assumes management of, audits, or reviews the file, that person can immediately find key information about the matter, including important dates and deadlines.
  • Immediately following sentence, conduct a client conference in person, to explain the sentence and provide advice about appeal prospects.

We observed that the capacity of practitioners regularly appearing in court for clients in multiple matters during a single day has a detrimental impact on the oversight and supervision of assigned legal work.

Strengthening our partnership with private practitioners

We would like to thank our panel practitioner partners for working with us and providing valuable feedback during the quality audit process. We look forward to further strengthening our partnership with private practitioners who conduct work on behalf of Victoria Legal Aid.

If you have questions about quality audits, please contact the Quality Audit team, via email or phone direct on (03) 9269 0605 and (03) 9269 0558.

Download the quality audits terms and conditions

See Section 29A panels conditions to download the quality audit terms and conditions or other schedules of the panel deed.


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