Invitation to participate in research project

Invitation to participate in research project

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

RMIT University is seeking community legal service lawyers to volunteer for a research project. The research project is focusing on language barriers and interpreter usage in the criminal justice system.

The university wishes to interview legal aid and community legal service lawyers who have represented limited-English speaking clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in a criminal matter.

The interviews will focus on three central issues:

  • to understand the challenges to legal representation that language barriers pose for lawyers working on behalf of limited-English speaking clients
  • the use of language interpreters in helping to overcome these challenges and fostering communication
  • the effect that language barriers can have on final legal outcomes.

Language barriers in the criminal justice system remain an ongoing concern which can substantially influence how justice is administered.

Lawyers' perspectives will offer a valuable insight into the practical issues which both linguistically diverse clients, and the lawyers who represent them, face while navigating the legal process. 

Help participate in the research

If you are interested in participating, and would like more information, contact Dr Georgina Heydon or Joseph MacFarlane.

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