Keeping the focus on kids in a changing system

Keeping the focus on kids in a changing system

Friday, 6 July 2018

Join us on Thursday 26 July for the second Family Law Forum for 2018.

With significant changes to federal family courts on the horizon, we are delighted to have the Honourable Chief Judge Alstergren of the Federal Circuit Court giving the opening address and reflecting on the current and future state of the family law system.

‘This forum will help prepare practitioners to operate in a dynamic and changing environment, keeping children’s best interests at the front of their mind in complex family law matters,’ said Associate Director Family Law, Gayathri Paramasivam.

The forum focuses on the needs of children and young people and promoting practice that achieves outcomes that are in their best interests.

The sessions will cover:

  • Understanding and applying child development frameworks in parenting matters – this panel session will consider the latest research on age and stage frameworks and the impact of trauma and parental conflict on children’s wellbeing and development. It will explore examples of how to use social science research in advice, representation and decision-making, including drafting affidavits and making submissions.
  • Reunification – tips for ICLs on strengthening relationships – this session looks at the thorny issue of reunification between a parent and child after a period of no contact, for reasons other than risk to the child.
  • Child protection in family law matters – presenting a case that traversed both jurisdictions, this session will discuss the intersection between child protection and family law issues and the role of the Department of Health and Human Services liaison officer in assisting to bridge the jurisdictional divide.
  • Strategies for successful spousal maintenance applications – this session will provide insight into ascertaining merit in spousal maintenance applications and offer practical guidance on making an application, including for urgent and interim maintenance.
  • Exploring client stories to improve practice – lawyers reflect on the challenges and successes of specific cases.

Our family law forums help prepare lawyers representing clients in legally aided family law matters for practice in a changing context. They are also an opportunity to share insights into practice, explore pertinent issues, and build relationships with other professionals.

More information

For more information and to register for the forum, go to the Trybooking website.

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