Meet Bill Jaboor, our new Chairperson

Meet Bill Jaboor, our new Chairperson

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Victoria Legal Aid’s new Chairperson and Board member, Bill Jaboor
Above: Victoria Legal Aid’s new Chairperson and Board member, Bill Jaboor

Victoria Legal Aid’s new Chairperson and Board member, Bill Jaboor, says he is looking forward to meeting and working with staff and various stakeholders to help make a positive difference to Victoria’s justice system.

Bill was appointed by Attorney-General Martin Pakula on Monday having officially taken on the role Sunday 1 October 2017.

With an impressive CV, including 29 years as Chief Executive Officer across four local governments in both regional and metropolitan areas, Bill says throughout his career he has always maintained a strong focus on delivering the best outcome for the client and community.

‘I have always enjoyed working in an organisation that provides a range of important services to a diverse range of people,’ he said.

‘In accepting the position as Victoria Legal Aid’s new Chairperson, I knew it would be a challenging and stimulating role, especially when it comes to prioritising services between the many needy clients who rely on legal aid, to access their rights and the protections of the law.'

‘I look forward to this challenge and working with Board members, the Senior Executive team and staff to build a team approach in providing the best solution and outcome for our community and the clients we do assist.’

He says he understands the importance of working with a broad range of stakeholders over the long term to achieve beneficial outcomes.

‘Listening to the community and our stakeholders is very important and will help us make informed decisions about how we assist the most disadvantaged members of the Victorian community,’ he said.

Victoria Legal Aid will gain Bill’s insights and experience in the community sector.

‘Having worked throughout Victoria in multi-faceted organisations, I have a deep understanding of the issues, needs and concerns of the community and in this role, I hope to bring a strong community perspective to all discussions,’ he said.

‘A key focus of mine will be assisting the provision of fair and equitable services to help fulfil everyone’s right to access justice.’

‘I am honoured to be Victoria Legal Aid’s new Chairperson and I look forward to making a positive difference for VLA and its clients.’

Bill’s predecessor, Andrew Guy, stood down from the position on 30 September.

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Victoria Legal Aid welcomes the appointment of new Chairperson and Board member, Bill Jaboor.

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