More resources to support family law practice

More resources to support family law practice

Monday, 17 September 2018

Our Professional Support team have developed more practice tools to help practitioners run family law litigation in legally aided matters.

In addition to the case strategy plan and litigation checklist for parenting disputes, there are now versions of these tools for use in Indepenent Children's Lawyer matters and financial matters (property, and spousal and adult child maintenance).

There’s also a checklist to assist lawyers assess a client’s capacity to give instructions, and a questionnaire to help you to take instructions in applications for spouse maintenance, including determining the threshold requirements of need and capacity to pay. 

The tools are available at Family law trial practice tools and are also included in our precedent collection.

VLA precedents available to panel and CLC lawyers

Our extensive collection of family law letters, forms, briefs, checklists and tools can help busy lawyers ensure the information they’re providing is accurate, comprehensive and consistent. That provides a good foundation for the delivery of quality legal services to clients.

We also maintain precedent collections in the areas of summary and indictable crime, youth crime, child protection, family violence and civil justice matters.

To access any of our precedent collections, contact Managing Lawyer Professional Support Kimberley Ison via

We are constantly adding to and improving these precedents, so if you already have the collection, perhaps it’s time to get an updated version.

We value your feedback and are keen to hear if these resources are supporting your practice. Please forward your feedback to Professional Support.

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