New program targets talented juniors in a bid to cut Victoria’s court delays

New program targets talented juniors in a bid to cut Victoria’s court delays

Monday, 4 July 2011

Fourteen junior barristers will work with some of the state’s most experienced and accomplished senior trial advocates in a pioneering new program which aims to help cut Victoria’s court delays.

Victoria Legal Aid’s Talented Junior Counsel Program – the first of its kind in Australia – will be launched in Melbourne tonight.

The program will see 14 junior counsel work with 30 senior advocates on legally aided trials over the next year.

Each of the participants will have the opportunity to work on three trials – the type of which would not normally be available to junior counsel – and work closely with some of Victoria’s most senior trial barristers.

Thirty senior advocates – including Robert Richter QC, Philip Dunn QC, Ian Hill QC, Remy van de Wiel QC, Dr Gregory Lyon SC and Jane Dixon SC – will support the junior lawyers through the program. They will also receive advanced advocacy training from the Australian Advocacy Institute.

Victoria Legal Aid Director Criminal Law Services Saul Holt said the Talented Junior Counsel Program was an investment in the next generation of trial barristers.

‘Victoria Legal Aid’s involvement in the Talented Junior Counsel Program will not only benefit legally aided clients but the justice system as a whole,’ he said. ‘By boosting the skills of junior counsel we are able to increase the pool of well trained and skilful advocates who are able to act for both accused people and the Crown.

‘The Talented Junior Counsel Program will also help us provide more timely justice by ensuring that we have access to a pool of barristers who can run strategic, focused trials without unnecessary delays.’

The 14 junior advocates inducted into the first year of the program include:

  • Karen Argiropoulos, Greens List

  • Zoe Broughton, Holmes List

  • Mario Cennachi, Meldrum’s List

  • Partick Doyle, Greens List

  • Lynne Fentonby, Meldrum’s List

  • Cecily Hollingworth, Foley’s List

  • Jacob Kantor, Meldrum’s List

  • Sarah Keating, Greens List

  • Rohan Lawrence, Foley’s List

  • Samantha Poulter, Foley’s List

  • Naomi Smith, Foley’s List

  • Michael Stanton, Foley’s List

  • Olivia Trumble, Foley’s List

  • Erin Ramsay, Foley’s List.

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If you want more information about the program see Talented Junior Counsel Program.

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