New tool to help guide and deliver legal aid services

New tool to help guide and deliver legal aid services

Thursday, 28 March 2019

We recently introduced our revised Client Priority and Capability Policy to help plan and shape legal aid projects, services and work.  

The policy – informed by our clients, staff and stakeholders – helps to guide the way we design and deliver our services and ensure we are helping those who need it most. 

Jon Cina, Associate Director, Access & Equity at Victoria Legal Aid, said the policy provides a more modern reflection of current legal needs in the community and supports many of our current work practices at VLA. 

'The policy includes new factors that help us better consider people’s circumstances and their ability to address their legal issues. It’s about ensuring we’re targeting our services to those who need them most,' Jon said. 

The policy is an additional tool we are using to support our work, alongside current decision-making tools and the means test. It will support major projects including 'Better justice, every day', which is about redesigning legal aid summary crime services and working with our partners to help create a fair and modern summary crime system. 

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Find out more and download the Client Priority and Capability Policy.


For more information email Manager, Client Intake and Inclusion, Carman Parsons via


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