Over 50,000 years of law

Over 50,000 years of law

Thursday, 22 March 2018

An invitation to Aboriginal community controlled organisations and community groups.

Each year the Victorian Law Foundation runs Law Week, to help the public find more about Victoria’s legal system and get greater access to legal information. This year, Law Week will be held Monday 14 to Sunday 20 May.

Today, many Aboriginal people and organisations in Victoria are working to support access to legal information and assistance, to promote greater awareness and understanding of the law, and ultimately better justice outcomes.

We know that there are legal systems that have existed in Australia for beyond 50,000 years, through the traditional culture and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Land management, food supply, community and family relationships, responsibilities to clan groups, processes for entering other countries, all ways of living were governed by rules and processes that reflected the interconnectedness of life.

The knowledge of these laws still exists today and are being revived and practiced as part of the cultural lives for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. There is still so much to be understood and learnt from these holistic approaches.

That’s why this year, we would like to offer $5,000 to two Aboriginal community controlled organisations or Aboriginal community groups in Victoria to promote:

  • an area or issue in the law that impacts on Aboriginal people and how to get help
  • a practice or knowledge from pre-invasion that continues to be applied or passed down today that relates to community wellbeing and strength
  • a service that your organisation or group offers to help address a legal or social issue.

In no more than 500 words tell us:

  • about your organisation or group
  • what you would like to promote
  • your audience (who you would like to promote your information to)
  • what you want to do with the $5,000 (a short video, a poster display, a community engagement session, a cultural activity, anything!).

You can partner with another organisation or group and apply for the full $10,000.

Your event or activity needs to be held or at the very least promoted during Law Week. In any event, all activities need to be held or finalised by 30 June 2018.

Apply now

Email your ideas to meena.singh@vla.vic.gov.au by Friday 6 April 2018. We’ll advise successful applicants by Friday 13 April and will promote the winners, and their work.

We look forward to hearing from about your organisations’ involvement in over 50,000 years of law. 

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