Proof of means – sometimes you can have too much

Proof of means – sometimes you can have too much

Thursday, 9 March 2017

A recent client privacy concern highlighted that some practitioners may be requiring proof of means beyond what is required by Victoria Legal Aid (VLA).

This can lead to practitioners submitting retrospective applications for aid due to waiting for further proof of means before submitting. 

What is needed for proof of means?

The requirement to have proof of means on file is related to the clients means and that of any financially associated persons. For example, if they are not working, then payslips aren’t required. So, if the client shows that their only income is Centrelink, and they have below $1,095 (or $2,190 including a financially associated person) in the bank, VLA doesn’t require bank statements to be collected, unless there is something which suggests that the client does have another source of income. Centrelink proof needs to be on file.

Referring to the handbook

Further information is available in the VLA Handbook for Lawyers.


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