Putting clients at the centre of our work

Putting clients at the centre of our work

Friday, 13 September 2019

Work is progressing on our Client First Strategy – a coordinated approach to improve how people with legal needs find and receive assistance.

The strategy is being informed by clients’ experiences of our services, gathered through measures such as our Client Satisfaction Survey.

‘It’s important for us to hear from the people we help about what’s working well and not so well when they are finding and using our services,’ Carman Parsons, Manager Client Intake and Inclusion said.

‘We know getting help with a legal issue can be complex and stressful and there are sometimes delays in processes, or people talk to a lot of different services before they get help.

‘We want to minimise these frustrations by working closely with our sector partners and improving our systems over time.

‘The aim of this strategy is that more people understand what to expect and how to navigate legal services, feel part of the process and are supported by quality information, referrals and supports.

‘We also want to provide more opportunities for clients to share their experiences with us and have a say in how we design, deliver and evaluate our services,' Carman said. 

In May and June 2019, we consulted with clients, staff and partners involved in legal aid work to help draft the three-year Client First Strategy, which is expected to be finalised by the end of 2019 and implemented from early 2020. 

The consultations helped to identify four areas of focus for the strategy:

  • create a client-first culture
  • empower clients to participate in decisions that affect them
  • improve navigation and access for clients by strengthening and better connecting entry points
  • review service models to include more holistic approaches and stronger partnerships. 

The strategy demonstrates our commitment to putting clients at the centre of our work and will include building clients' voices into our services, a focus on supporting people to understand and participate in legal processes, a continued focus on improving intake and referrals and integrated, trauma-informed models for people with multiple and high priority needs.

It will provide a framework for projects already underway at Victoria Legal Aid to improve client experiences, including work to redesign legal aid summary crime services, and improvements to our technology for better client service.

More information

Read more about the strategy.

For more information, email Manager, Client Intake and Inclusion, Carman Parsons at carman.parsons@vla.vic.gov.au.  

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