Setting priorities in a tight environment

Setting priorities in a tight environment

Monday, 29 October 2018

Our Corporate Plan 2018–19 has now been released, setting out our organisational direction and priorities for this year. The Corporate Plan 2018–19 outlines 13 key priorities which will help us become a more client-centered organisation. 

We’re looking towards the year ahead as a time of change at Victoria Legal Aid and in the legal assistance sector. This is a significant time for us as we try to keep pace with evolving expectations and find more creative and efficient ways of serving the community.

Our Managing Director Louise Glanville said the plan enables us to focus our efforts where we’ll have maximum impact for clients and the Victorian community.

'Our funding position has become increasingly tight, as notable increases in police and child protection workers, population growth, and significant policy and legislative reforms have placed pressure on the justice system,' said Louise. 

This growth and change means we have some difficult decisions in our near future. 

'We’ll be looking to make sure we’re striking a financially sustainable balance with our ongoing service delivery and system improvement projects. For example, even though we support making our means test fairer, simpler and easier to understand, we can only afford very limited changes to the test at this time. Similarly, we have slowed down and adjusted the size of our child protection reform package to help ensure our spending remains affordable,' said Louise.   

Over the coming year, we’re going to focus on strengthening our relationships with our partners and stakeholders. Together we can work on repairing and reforming the summary crime system and supporting the rollout of Support and Safety Hubs and specialist family violence courts in Victoria.

We’re confident our Corporate Plan 2018–19 maintains the right focus and strategic priorities for the coming year. Importantly, it provides a strong emphasis on Victoria Legal Aid as a client-centred organisation to ensure we continue to make a positive difference for our clients, partners and the Victorian community. As part of this, we’ll develop a new Reconciliation Action Plan, a Client Services Strategy, and responses to the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This is vital work that fulfils our unique role in the justice system and that maintains our dedication to serving the community. 

We are also preparing to commence a conversation in early 2019 with government, courts, and the broader legal assistance sector about service priorities and will have more details to communicate about this later this year.

In the meantime, we’ll continue taking significant steps to work more directly with clients in the design, delivery, and evaluation of our services, and prioritise better data, technology and evaluation capabilities to enable this.

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Read our Corporate Plan 2018–19.

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