A shared vision for legal aid summary crime services

A shared vision for legal aid summary crime services

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

We are redesigning legal aid summary crime services so they have clients at their heart, make a real difference in people’s lives and are sustainable.

This work includes developing a tool, called a program logic, that will clearly articulate the purpose of our summary crime work and the difference we want it to make.

Kate Bundrock, Program Manager Summary Crime at Victoria Legal Aid, said that developing the tool with staff and stakeholders will reflect the common value of summary crime services, no matter where they are delivered or who delivers them.

'Our summary crime services are delivered in every Magistrates' Court across Victoria. We recognize the value of the mixed-model and the important role that our panel lawyers play in ensuring access to justice across Victoria. We need to hear from a range of people who deliver or are impacted by our services right across the state,' said Kate Bundrock.  

Many staff and stakeholders contributed to an independent evaluation of the Summary Crime Program that highlighted the pressure on the summary crime system. Since that report was published, the system has seen continuing and changing demand and pressures. The report also highlighted the need to make changes to our services and legal aid services are delivered.  

‘The program logic will guide those changes. It will connect our everyday work to what we want to achieve. It will guide us in designing our services and measuring their impact, so we can get the best outcomes for our clients. Importantly, it will clearly articulate the purpose and value of our summary crime services,’ Kate said. 

Panel lawyers work in the summary crime system every day and have valuable insights into how services could be improved. Victoria Legal Aid acknowledges the value of legally assisted summary crime services and encourages panel practitioners to share their thoughts and experience to help improve summary crime services.

The Better justice, every day project team will be meeting with stakeholders over the next month to inform the program logic. 

More information

If you’re interested in finding out more and taking part, please contact Julia Barling, Project Manager Better justice, every day, on 9280 3937 or julia.barling@vla.vic.gov.au


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