Strategy 2015–18

Strategy 2015–18

Thursday, 2 April 2015

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Following months of research, analysis and consultation Victoria Legal Aid has outlined three strategic directions to guide our work for the next three years:

  1. Invest in timely intervention, especially for children and young people
  2. Match services to the needs and abilities of our clients
  3. Maximise benefits by working with others

The directions, outlined in Strategy 2015–18, will enable us to deliver the most appropriate legal services at the right time, based on client needs.

Timely intervention

Managing Director Bevan Warner said Victoria Legal Aid would prioritise children and young people wherever possible to minimise their risk of becoming future legal aid clients.

‘We want to see fewer children in the justice system because we know that in the long term that will lead to fewer adults in trouble with the law,’ he said.

‘While especially beneficial for young people, timely intervention works for all clients including those experiencing homelessness or family violence, young people living in out of home care, people with a disability or mental illness, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders or people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.’

Match services to individual clients

Victoria Legal Aid has also committed to flexible service delivery to help people navigate their way through a complex legal system.  

While Victoria Legal Aid had always targeted services, the complex nature of legal problems combined with clients who often had multiple legal, social and health issues meant it was even more important. 

‘Some people need more intensive services, others need easy access to legal information and referrals to help them make their own choices and avoid more costly problems down the track,’ Bevan said.

Over the next three years, Victoria Legal Aid will work with others to improve services to clients from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, establish a new state-wide non-legal advocacy service for people with mental health issues and revise the approach to family violence legal service delivery.

Working with others to maximise benefits

Consultations to inform Strategy 2015–18 brought home the value of working closely with legal and community sector partners.

This is especially so in relation to identifying and resolving legal problems that affect large numbers of people.

‘We will advocate for fairness and balance in the criminal justice system and work with our partners towards a justice system that responds to changing need and population growth,’ Bevan said.

‘We will set new standards of openness with our partners and the community and work with others to make a difference to the lives our clients.’

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