Support for practitioners undertaking children’s law specialisation

Support for practitioners undertaking children’s law specialisation

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The Law Institute of Victoria is offering children’s law specialist accreditation in 2018.

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) encourages lawyers providing legally aided services to clients to apply for specialist accreditation.

Recognising that specialisation is an opportunity to develop not only individual skills and expertise but to build on collective knowledge and skills, VLA is again offering our support to practitioners undertaking Children’s Law specialisation via:

  • study groups, providing an opportunity for practitioners to collaborate and share knowledge, experience and resources; and
  • professional legal education sessions.

The study program is a great opportunity for specialisation candidates to collaborate and share their knowledge, experience and resources leading up to the exams.

Be part of our study support program

If you are interested in being part of VLA’s 2018 Children’s Law specialisation study support program please contact Eveline Pagnani on (03) 9269 0619 or email us at

More information

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