Supporting our specialist accreditation candidates

Supporting our specialist accreditation candidates

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Having practised law for more than thirty years, criminal lawyer Reg Keating believes you’re never too experienced to learn more about the law.

A partner at Slink and Keating – a panel practitioner on a number of Victoria Legal Aid panels – Reg recently undertook children’s law specialist accreditation, and was supported through this process via participation in the study support program delivered by our Professional Support team.

He thoroughly enjoyed the program and its benefits.

‘The initial panel accreditation process which required me to submit documents in support of my application, spurred my interest in undertaking specialist accreditation.

‘The specialisation study program was interesting and engaging, and provided a great opportunity to continue my learning, and expand my knowledge of children’s law.

‘I appreciated preparing for the exam with younger lawyers, and I would definitely encourage lawyers considering specialisation to give it a go,’ said Reg.

Partner at Slink and Keating, Reg Keating
Partner at Slink and Keating, Reg Keating

Victoria Legal Aid encourages all lawyers providing legally aided services to clients to undertake specialist accreditation. We recognise that specialisation is an opportunity to develop not only individual skills and expertise, but to build on collective knowledge and skills within the jurisdiction.

The Law Institute of Victoria is offering family law and administrative law specialist accreditation in 2019.

We are again offering our support to all practitioners undertaking specialisation via:

  • study groups, providing an opportunity for practitioners to collaborate and share knowledge, experience and resources
  • professional legal education sessions.

Our specialisation study programs are a great opportunity for specialisation candidates to collaborate and share their knowledge, experience and resources.

More information

For more information on our 2019 specialisation study support programs, contact Eveline Pagnani on (03) 9269 0619 and keep an eye out for upcoming information sessions in future editions of Legal Aid Brief.

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