Using complaints to identify improvement

Using complaints to identify improvement

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

We use complaints as a means to identify improvements to our services.

In 2017 we implemented a range of service improvements via the complaints process, including feedback and training for staff through to creation of protocols to manage information requests and improve privacy in busy courts.

As a result of these service improvements, we subsequently saw an overall reduction in complaint numbers for 2017. A total of 301 complaints were received about our services, including unmet expectations for representation, communication problems, progress of a case and eligibility for our services.

Most complaints in 2017 were able to be resolved by providing some information or an explanation. There were no disciplinary outcomes for complaints, such as suspension or removal from our practitioner panels in 2017, and only one practitioner received a formal caution for delay in responding to a complaint. This is a great result for our partners in private practice.

We are looking forward to working with private practitioners to resolve complaints and improve our services in 2018.

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