Vale Bill Grant

Vale Bill Grant

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Victoria Legal Aid Managing Director Bevan Warner expressed deep sadness at the recent passing of former CEO of Legal Aid NSW Bill Grant OAM who died unexpectedly after only two months in retirement.

‘An ardent advocate for legal aid, Bill was always very supportive of our two agencies working together, especially in the cross-border regions of Albury-Wodonga and the Murray-Mallee region.

'Many people can attribute the services they receive in these areas to the passion Bill felt for legal aid, especially for the disadvantaged in remote areas,’ said Mr Warner.

Mr Grant, 65, had retired in December after a combined 11 years at the head of Legal Aid NSW. He also served a term as Secretary-General of the Law Council of Australia.

Bill Grant
Bill Grant

‘Legal Aid NSW maintains a broad reach and range of services despite the many financial difficulties that Legal Aid Commissions endure.

'This is due to Bill’s belief in the importance of civil legal aid and community legal education in particular.’ 

During his recent time as CEO, Legal Aid NSW established offices in Port Macquarie and Albury and expanded services for people in South Western NSW, Far Northern NSW and Broken Hill.

‘Bill was a tough but fair operator who believed in the legal profession, and who spoke plainly to government about how the justice system needed to work better for ordinary people.

'He didn’t always get what he wanted, but he always approached issues from the perspective of what would be more just.

'His untimely passing is a reminder to us all to make every day count and to pay attention to our work/life balance.

‘You never know what is around the corner and Bill’s passing is a reminder of that,’ Mr Warner said.

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