Vital new funding to support case management of delayed trials

Vital new funding to support case management of delayed trials

Monday, 18 May 2020

We are pleased to announce today that our organisation is providing additional funding to support the County Court and our practice partners in managing the impending backlog of some 750 trials which have been vacated or delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The County Court, working with our organisation, the Office of Public Prosecutions, Criminal Bar Association and Law Institute of Victoria have already implemented Phase 1 of the Emergency Case Management Model with encouraging early signs of success.

With the recent Victorian Government’s announcement of extra funding for legal services, we are now able to more fully support our practice partners in the next stage of new, intensive case management being undertaken in the County Court.

'This funding represents our continuing commitment to improving the experience of Victorians in the justice system, as well as ensuring its efficient and effective operation' said Louise Glanville, our Chief Executive Officer.

'We are pleased to support this carefully staged approach to more intensive case management in the County Court. Better case management can help ensure that those cases that can resolve early do resolve early, and that where a trial proceeds it’s focused on the issues in dispute.'

'These efforts are an innovative response to an unprecedented situation and enable us to trial new approaches that should improve the justice system. We are hopeful that the lessons we learn will help to improve the criminal justice system as we emerge from the pandemic.' said Louise.

'We’d particularly like to acknowledge the County Court and our partners across the legal sector who have shown leadership and worked together to develop these new processes quickly and successfully,' she said.

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