We welcome the chance to contribute to the Royal Commission into mental health

We welcome the chance to contribute to the Royal Commission into mental health

Friday, 21 December 2018

Victoria’s Royal Commission into Mental Health is a critical opportunity to look at a system that is not currently working to support people’s recovery.

We’re looking forward to contributing to the Royal Commission and welcome its potential to review and improve the laws, policies, services and culture that should protect and promote the rights of Victorians experiencing mental health issues or mental distress. We want to see a system that supports people's choices and their recovery in ways that enable them to live the best lives they can, as determined by them.

We also hope to see recognition of the importance of consumer co-production and leadership reflected in the process. This means that consumers will have the opportunity to shape and have influence over the process and outcomes.

We will continue to work with our clients, consumers and our legal and community sector partners to share our insights into the mental health system in Victoria. We’ll be informed by our work with people experiencing mental health issues through our specialist mental health legal practice, our non-legal advocacy service, Independent Mental Health Advocacy, and our work across criminal law, child protection and family law.

Through this work, we see the impact on people and their families when our mental health system is not working as it should.

More Information

Public input is being sought to develop the terms of reference for the Royal Commission into Mental Health. Consultations are open until 27 January 2019. Read more about how to share your views.

Go to the Independent Mental Health Advocacy service website.

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