Working from the regions

Working from the regions

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

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Working out of our Shepparton office, lawyer Lauren Bull is a shining example of the opportunities available to lawyers willing to spread their wings beyond Melbourne and take up job placements in the country.

For Lauren, these benefits far outweighed the initial nervousness she felt about joining our New Lawyer’s Program and subsequently taking up a regional placement in Shepparton.

‘Having been born and raised in Melbourne, I was a little apprehensive about moving to the country.

‘However, that was also part of the reason I applied for a country role. I felt I couldn’t be as effective a lawyer as I wanted to be without having a better understanding of all of our clients, and the unique challenges faced by those living in regional and rural Victoria.

‘Moving to the country was equal parts terrifying and exciting, but ultimately it was too good an opportunity to pass up.’

Camaraderie and community

As for the benefits of working in a country office, Lauren says they far outweigh the occasional bouts of homesickness.

‘Working in a country office with a smaller number of staff means that you will inevitably have a larger amount of responsibility earlier in your career, and a greater variety of cases.

‘I love that my role has exposed me to an interesting mix of files and the opportunity to work across five jurisdictions, including appearing in the Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Specialist Family Violence Court and both divisions of the Children’s Court, as well as instructing in the Supreme Court while it was in Shepparton.

‘There is also great camaraderie in a regional office and I enjoy the sense of community that comes with working in a country town.

‘I also love driving around to the small country town courts, working with community members on a range of issues and really getting to know and help people in visible ways. It’s immensely rewarding and has helped me feel so settled in this community.

Opening doors for your career

Career wise, Lauren knows she couldn’t have made a better choice.

‘Working in Shepparton has benefitted my career immeasurably as I’ve had more appearance opportunities than I can count.

‘I’ve also been able to instruct on complicated and interesting matters early in my career and gained a solid practical understanding of multiple practice areas.

‘The close mentoring and support I have received from my colleagues has also been invaluable.

‘Ultimately, the experience I’ve gained in Shepparton will open up countless doors when I’m ready to move on from this role.’

As for the final word on why junior lawyers should take up a junior role, Lauren is emphatic.

‘Experience! Experience! Experience!

‘You will never enjoy a broader, more interesting or more challenging experience in your early practicing years, than in a regional role.’

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