Our Board

Our Board

Our Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring Victoria Legal Aid meets its statutory objectives and carries out its functions and duties in accordance with the Legal Aid Act 1978.

These include:

  • using best endeavours to make legal aid available throughout the state
  • determining priorities for the provision of legal aid
  • controlling and administering the Legal Aid Fund
  • providing funding for community legal centres
  • liaising with professional bodies to facilitate the appropriate use of services provided by private practitioners
  • carrying out legal education programs for the public and sections of the public who have special needs for legal education
  • undertaking research into all aspects of legal aid and making recommendations to the Attorney-General about desirable law reform based on practice experience
  • informing the public of legal aid services provided and the conditions on which those services are provided
  • working with other legal aid commissions.

Board meeting public proceedings

To read the Board meeting minutes, see Public accountability.

Board members

The Board has seven directors nominated by the Victorian Attorney-General and appointed by the Governor-in-Council. At least one member must have experience in financial management and one must have experience in business or government operations. One of the directors is our Managing Director.

Bill Jaboor, Non-Executive Director and Chairperson

Bill was appointed as Chairperson of the Victoria Legal Aid Board on 1 October 2017. Bill has a distinguished public sector career as CEO of several local governments and has helped drive education, employment and development projects across the state for more than four decades. Bill holds a Masters in Business Administration from Deakin University and has also completed a course in the John F. Kennedy School of Government’s State and Local Government Program at Harvard University. ​

Bevan Warner, Managing Director

Bevan was appointed Managing Director of Victoria Legal Aid on 4 August 2008. He has 20 years’ senior executive experience including in Corrections and in Aboriginal Affairs where he developed an appreciation of the diversity and underlying causes of the over representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice and child protection systems. Bevan was formerly the General Manager of Legal Aid Western Australia.

David Thompson, Non-Executive Director

David Thompson has more than 30 years’ experience in the finance sector in senior roles in Australia and America, including as Chief Financial Officer for the NAB Business Bank. As well as his accounting degree, he holds a Masters in Applied Finance and graduate diplomas in computing, chartered secretarial practice and corporate administration. He is the Chairperson of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Victorian Regional Council. David was appointed in February 2013.

Jennifer Kanis, Non-Executive Director

Jennifer has extensive legal, government and community experience. A former senior associate at Holding Redlich Lawyers, Jennifer specialised in employment, industrial relations and equal opportunity law. Before this, she spent six years as a secondary school teacher. Jennifer was elected to the Melbourne City Council in 2008 and the Parliament of Victoria in 2012 as the Member for Melbourne. Jennifer was appointed in May 2015.

Robbie Campo, Non-Executive Director

Robbie Campo has extensive experience in governance, policy, public affairs and management. She has held senior management roles in the superannuation industry, including Deputy Chief Executive of Industry Super Australia, and has undertaken extensive work in legal and regulatory policy, financial oversight and government and public affairs. Robbie holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons). Robbie was appointed in October 2016.

Betty King, Non-Executive Director

Betty King was the first female Crown Prosecutor for the State of Victoria and the first Prosecutor for the Commonwealth of Australia. She was appointed as Queens Counsel for the State of Victoria in 1992, a Judge of the County Court in 2000 and a Justice of the Supreme Court in 2005 (retired 2015). Betty was appointed in October 2016

Joh Kirby​, Non-Executive Director

Joh Kirby has extensive legal sector and executive management experience, having previously served on various boards and committees, including the Monash University Law Faculty and the Victorian Legal Assistance Forum. A former Victoria Law Foundation executive director, Joh has led statewide education and grants programs, designed to help Victorians better understand the law and the legal system. Joh holds a Bachelor of Laws from Monash University, a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Canberra and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Joh was appointed in November 2017.