Public accountability

Public accountability

We are committed to accountability and transparency by reporting on our performance.

As a publicly funded organisation we are required to report annually to the community via the Victorian Parliament. Our annual reports are tabled in State Parliament by the Victorian Attorney-General and provides comprehensive information about our financial position and overall performance.

In addition, we report to the Attorney-General on the legal aid services identified as output performance measures in the Victorian Budget Paper 3: Service Delivery. See the 2015–16 Budget Papers.

We are also required to report, via the State Attorney-General, to the Council of Australian Government’s National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services.

As well as our compulsory performance reporting, we publish a number of regular reports to ensure people understand our priorities, decisions, performance and financial position.

Business plan 2017–18

Read our Business plan 2017–18 (docx, 3.12 MB) to find out more about our key directions, organisation performance and priorities.

For a quick overview, view the Business plan 2017–18 infographic (pdf, 1.05 MB)

Previous business plans

Download our previous business plans:


Business plan 2016–17 (docx, 654.41 KB)

Business plan 2016–17 (accessible version) (docx, 634.58 KB)

Business plan 2016–17 infographic (pdf, 968.55 KB)

Business plan 2016–17 infographic (accessible version) (docx, 133.53 KB)


Business plan 2015–16 (docx, 583.39 KB)

Business plan 2015–16 snapshot (pdf, 1.07 MB)

Business plan 2015–16 snapshot (accessible Word version) (docx, 132.86 KB)

Public proceedings of our Board meetings

Find out more about our Board of Directors.

Outcomes of our Strategic Plan

Read our current Strategy 2015–18.


Our performance and achievements from our previous Strategic Plan 2011–14 (pdf, 2.18 MB) is reported in the Strategic Plan Performance Outcomes 2011–14 (docx, 417.87 KB).

Client satisfaction surveys

We conduct regular client satisfaction surveys to help us assess how we are performing and identify ways to improve service delivery.

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