Research and analysis

Research and analysis

We undertake research and analysis to:

  • support the effective delivery of legal aid services
  • align services with priority clients groups and their needs
  • use evidence-based strategies to design and deliver services
  • evaluate our services to ensure appropriate, efficient and effective use of our resources
  • effectively communicate the public value of our work to the community and stakeholders.

Research projects

Research on legal aid services highlights child protection and family violence

Research released in September 2017 highlights family violence and child protection as common problems for legal aid clients, often occurring alongside other problems. Read Client profiles: 2006–16 analysis

Client profiles

The research brief, Victoria Legal Aid client profiles – high contact users of legal aid services, analysed client data over a ten year period from 2003 to 2013 and found frequent users were more likely to exhibit certain characteristics which are also indicators of disadvantage. 

Our annual report also profiles our clients and has information and statistics about our services.

Client satisfaction surveys

We conduct regular client satisfaction surveys to help us assess how we are performing and identify ways to improve service delivery.

Consulting our community and stakeholders

In 2014 we consulted the community and our stakeholders to ensure we make informed choices about how we assist the most vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorians.

History of legal aid and family law

The research brief  explores the timeline of legal aid and family law in Australia, as well as ongoing reform and the pressures on legal aid services. 

Read History of legal aid and family law.

Research into risk factors for continuing family violence

People at risk of breaching family violence intervention orders are identified in new research that could boost efforts to keep victims safe.

Read Characteristics of respondents charged with breach of family violence intervention orders.


We collaborate with our partners within the legal assistance sector, independent research agencies and universities in order to undertake research, analysis and evaluation that is aligned with our strategic priorities. These include to:

  • understand our clients, the problems they face and how they access legal services
  • understand the external environment and its impact on our clients and services
  • improve our service delivery.

Examples of our collaboration with research bodies and academic institutions include:

For more information see Apply to collaborate with us on a research project.

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For more information about our research and analysis contact:

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