Client Satisfaction Survey 2017

Client Satisfaction Survey 2017

We will be conducting a client satisfaction survey in early February. We have appointed Colmar Brunton, an independent research agency, to conduct the survey on our behalf.

Why are we conducting the survey?

We are conducting a client survey with the aim of improving our services. Our clients’ views are important to us and will assist us in delivering the best possible service. We want to be able to assess how we are performing and use client feedback to improve the way we deliver our services.

Victoria Legal Aid is authorised by the Legal Aid Act 1978 s. 6 to undertake research in relation to legal aid services. We are also required to report on client satisfaction outcomes as part of our Commonwealth National Partnership Agreement.

How will the survey be conducted?

Colmar Brunton will administer a blend of telephone and online. There will be a random sample of approximately 1000 Victoria Legal Aid clients who have received casework, duty lawyer, advice and information services during the six-month period prior to the interviewing commencing.

There will be a number of questions in the survey covering clients’ experience with accessing legal aid services, their opinions about the responsiveness, the quality of the service they received and their satisfaction with the outcome – including their ability to deal with legal problems on their own.

Can I choose not to participate?​

Yes, if contacted you can say no to participating in the survey. You can also refuse to answer some questions. You can end the interview at any time.

While we value your feedback, we want to make sure you feel comfortable participating in the survey.

Saying no will not affect your relationship with Victoria Legal Aid or any future relationship or service you may receive from Victoria Legal Aid . In fact, Victoria Legal Aid will not know who said yes or no to participating in the survey, as survey responses are confidential and participants are de-identified. What this means is that there is no way a staff member of Victoria Legal Aid will know who has been contacted for the survey, or what you may have said to the interviewer.

How do I verify the agency is legitimate?

You can check with us that the agency that has contacted you is authorised to do so. Call (03) 9269 0665 or email

How do you protect my privacy?

  • Your personal information will remain confidential and will only be used for the purposes of the research.
  • Client information will be kept in a secure environment and destroyed after completion of the survey project.
  • No personal client information will be disclosed in any survey reports or findings.
  • Your opinions and feedback will be totally anonymous.

Can I give feedback outside of the survey?


You can provide feedback directly to Victoria Legal Aid through an online form on our website.

I’m unhappy with the services I’ve received from Victoria Legal Aid

Whether or not you are contacted for the survey, you can provide general feedback to Victoria Legal Aid at any time either through the survey or through the online form on our website.

As the survey is anonymous, we will not be able to respond to any specific concerns raised.  If you would like to make a complaint about the service you have received, you can send an email to or call the Complaints and Statutory Compliance team on (03) 9280 3789.

I did not give you authorisation to give my details to an external company​

Victoria Legal Aid takes your privacy and confidentiality very seriously and takes care to comply with the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, including IPP 2, which relates to use and disclosure of information.

We consider providing the research company with contact details for the survey to be consistent with IPP 2.1 (a), related to secondary use of information, and IPP 2.1 (c), on research in the public interest.

We provide the research agency with a contact list of clients. We provide them with minimal information needed in order to contact you about the survey. They won’t be informed about the nature of your legal problem or the specifics relating to your legal matter.

Anyone we contract to provide services on our behalf (in this case, Colmar Brunton), are obliged to follow the same rules for privacy as our employees. They must:

  • Abide by privacy legislation
  • Must not disclose your information to anyone not authorised
  • Keep it in a secure environment
  • Only use the information for the purposes of the survey.

We aim to keep your personal information confidential during the course of the survey. If you are still unhappy that we’ve provided your details to a research agency, we can request that your details be deleted from the contact list we have provided for this year’s survey.

I’m unhappy with the way the survey was conducted

If you have any concerns about the survey, please contact

I was contacted but I’ve never received a Victoria Legal Aid service

We only provide details of clients who have received a service from Victoria Legal Aid.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember you have received a service from Victoria Legal Aid, because of the following reasons:

  • You may have called our enquiry line for a very minor issue or basic query, which is recorded as having received an information service, even if we’ve referred you elsewhere or you called on behalf of someone else.
  • You may have received the service several months ago and have forgotten
  • You may have gone through a private lawyer or used the duty lawyer service and not realised it is recorded a legal aid service.

If you can’t recall receiving the service, you don’t need to participate in the survey. However, if you’re still concerned that your contact details have been incorrectly recorded on our database, contact our Complaints and Statutory Compliance team on (03) 9280 3789.

More information

For more information about the survey, please phone 03 9269 0665 or email