Client satisfaction surveys

Client satisfaction surveys

Results of the Client Satisfaction Survey 2017

Our Client Satisfaction Survey 2017 provides an opportunity for clients to tell us what they think of our services. It also provides us with valuable information on how we can improve.

Services included our Legal Help telephone information service, legal advice, duty lawyer and legal representation (case work) across all our program areas – civil, criminal and family law.

We employed an independent research agency to survey a random, representative sample of over 1,001 clients who had received services from us during 2016–17. The survey was conducted both by telephone and email during February and March 2017. An additional in-depth 20 follow-up interviews were completed with clients.

About the clients who completed the survey

  • 33 per cent reported having a disability
  • 33 per cent lived in regional Victoria
  • 3 per cent identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • 28 per cent lived in a single parent household

What did the survey find?

A total of 70 per cent of clients reported being either satisfied, or extremely satisfied, with Victoria Legal Aid services overall (down from 76 per cent in 2015).


  • 86 per cent of clients thought it was easy to contact Victoria Legal Aid
  • 86 per cent of clients felt empowered to seek legal help in the future
  • 82 per cent of clients felt that their lawyer or advisor listened to them
  • 81 per cent of clients would recommend Victoria Legal Aid’s services to others
  • 76 per cent of clients agreed their lawyer/advisor helped them understand their legal situation
  • 62 per cent of clients felt their personal/cultural needs were met by Victoria Legal Aid.

Clients were satisfied with legal aid services irrespective of whether they had a private lawyer (74 per cent satisfied), or a Victoria Legal Aid lawyer (82 per cent satisfied).

Areas of good performance

Clients were very satisfied with:

  • the lawyer or advisor’s interpersonal skills, with high ratings for being polite and respectful and having good listening skills
  • the positive impact the service had on their emotional state.

Most clients found their initial access to the service to be easy.

Areas for improvement

While clients were satisfied with the manner and professionalism of staff, clients were often disappointed if they found they weren’t eligible to receive a more intensive service from Victoria Legal Aid. Some clients also commented on long wait times for services.

Potential areas of focus for Victoria Legal Aid would be to manage client expectations and to ensure that appropriate referrals are made for clients who are not eligible for our services but may be able to get help elsewhere.

Victoria Legal Aid also need to manage increasing demand on our services and the impact that has on the client experience.

What we are doing about this feedback?

In response to client feedback, we will focus on the following areas of improvement:

  • communicating better with clients about what to expect from our services including eligibility
  • improving our referrals to other sources of help, including non-legal support
  • keeping clients better informed at key stages of their legal matter.

Download the Client Satisfaction Survey 2017

Download the Client Satisfaction Survey 2017 – summary report (pptx, 1.39 MB) or the accessible Word version (178.96 KB). You can also download the additional Client Satisfaction Survey 2017 – summary infographic (pdf, 365.77 KB)

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