Enquire about a child support appointment

Enquire about a child support appointment

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About our child support services

Some of our child support services are available to everyone, while other, more intensive services are offered to people who need it the most. Eligible people can book in for a free 30-minute appointment for advice. Telephone, video conference or skype appointments can be arranged.

To enquire about eligibility for a child support appointment, please complete the form.

Note that a limited call-back service applies. We may provide you with information or refer you to other organisations that can help.

What our child support lawyers can help you with

Our child support lawyers can help with legal problems about:

  • getting or paying child support
  • paternity testing
  • changes of assessment
  • maintenance for over 18s or spousal maintenance.

We proritise that children of separated parents are financially supported in accordance with the law. This service is provided independently of the Department of Human Services (Child Support).

Appointment locations and times

The child support outreach service is available by appointment in the following locations during the first trimester of 2017. Telephone, video conference or skype appointments can be arranged.

May 2018

Day Date Location
Tues 1 Tel/VC – RS
Wed 2 Broadmeadows – MC
Tues 8 Melbourne AM – ET
Wed 9 Sunshine – DV
Thurs 10 Ringwood – ET
Fri 11 Dandenong – DV
Tues 15 Morwell – KJ
Wed 16 Frankston – KJ
Thurs 17 Mildura – RS
Fri 18 Geelong – VG
Mon 21 Melbourne AM – DV
Fri 25 Ringwood – JF
Mon 28 Horsham – MC
Tues 29 Ballarat – DV

June 2018

Day Date Location
Fri 1 Dandenong
Mon 4 Tel/VC
Wed 6 Sunshine
Thurs 7 Melbourne AM
Fri 8 Warrnambool
Tues 12 Geelong
Wed 13 Frankston
Thurs 14 Ringwood
Tues 19 Bendigo
Wed 20 Sunshine
Fri 22 Dandenong
Tues 26 Melbourne AM
Thurs 28 Tel/VC
Fri 29 Ringwood

July 2018

Day Date Location
Thurs 5 Broadmeadows
Fri 6 Dandenong
Mon 9 Melbourne AM
Wed 11 Sunshine
Fri 13 Ringwood
Tues 17 Tel/VC
Wed 18 Frankston
Thurs 19 Ballarat
Fri 20 Dandenong
Mon 23 Horsham
Wed 25 Morwell
Fri 27 Ringwood
Mon 30 Shepparton

August 2018

Day Date Location
Wed 1 Sunshine
Thurs 2 Melbourne AM
Fri 3 Dandenong
Tues 7 Tel/VC
Thurs 9 Epping
Tues 14 Bendigo
Fri 17 Ringwood
Mon 20 Frankston
Fri 16 Dandenong
Mon 20 Melbourne AM
Tues 21 Geelong
Wed 22 Frankston
Fri 24 Dandenong
Wed 29 Sunshine
Thurs 30 Mildura
Fri 31 Ringwood

More informati​on

See Child support for more information about the law and where to get help.

Enquire about a child support appointment

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