Unpaid fines and the Infringements Court

Unpaid fines and the Infringements Court

If you do not pay the penalty reminder notice on time, the agency will send your fine to the Infringements Court.

The Infringements Court is part of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria. It processes and enforces infringement notices and penalties. The Infringements Court does not hold court hearings to make decisions. Instead, decisions are made by infringements registrars.

If the agency sends your fine to the Infringements Court, you will get an enforcement order. The order should explain your options.

If you pay the amount on the order by the new due date there is no further action.

Asking for a payment order

If you cannot afford to pay, ask the Infringements Court for a payment order. You can apply in person or in writing. A payment order is where you can:

  • get more time to pay the fine
  • pay the fine off bit by bit in instalments.

Cancelling the enforcement order

You can also ask the court to revoke (cancel) your enforcement order if you:

  • disagree with the fine
  • think you should pay the amount on the original fine and not the extra costs
  • have special circumstances that apply to you.

Getting an infringement warrant

If you do not pay the enforcement order on time, the infringements registrar will issue an infringement warrant. The warrant means the sheriff can come to your home to get the money. The court charges you extra costs again.

If you cannot pay, the sheriff gives you a written seven-day notice. You have seven days to take action.

Get legal advice immediately if the sheriff comes to your home.

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