Enforcement orders

Enforcement orders

If you do not pay the penalty reminder notice on time, the agency sends your fine to the Infringements Court.

An enforcement order will be made against you. The court charges you extra costs. You have 28 days to pay.

If you do not pay the enforcement order on time, you will get an infringement warrant.

Cancelling an enforcement order

To cancel an enforcement order you need to apply for it to be revoked (cancelled). You can apply in writing to the infringements registrar.

Your application needs to persuade the infringements registrar that you did not commit the offence or that you have a good excuse. You need to give evidence in support of your claim. For example, you can name the driver who was driving your car at the time of the traffic or parking offence.

Special circumstances

If you have a mental illness, intellectual disability, drug or alcohol addiction, or you are homeless, or are a victim of family violence, you may be able to get referred to the Special Circumstances List so you do not have to pay your fines.

It is important to get legal advice before you send in your application.

If the order is cancelled

If the infringements registrar revokes the enforcement order, it does not mean the fine is cancelled. It simply means the registrar believes you have grounds to stop any further enforcement by the sheriff. The Infringements Court will send your fine back to the agency who issued it in the first place for them to decide whether to cancel the fine or not.

Going to court if the order is not cancelled

If the agency does not cancel the order, the infringements registrar will list the matter for a hearing before the Magistrates’ Court.

If the infringements registrar does not revoke the enforcement order, you can ask the registrar to send your application to revoke the order to the Magistrates’ Court for a hearing. You have 28 days to do this.

If you do not want to go to the Magistrates’ Court, you must pay the fine (and costs) within 28 days.

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