Dealing with door-to-door sales

Dealing with door-to-door sales

September 2016
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About this DVD

This DVD explores how to deal with door-to-door sales people. It helps people understand their rights so they don't feel pressured into entering into contracts without fully understanding the consequences.

It is ideal for legal education sessions.

There are two parts. Part one tells the story of Marcello and his encounter with a door-to-door salesperson. In part two, a Victoria Legal Aid lawyer talks about Marcello’s experience and what he might have done differently.

The film supports a wider Do not knock campaign started by the Consumer Action Law Centre, then developed further by the Footscray Community Legal Centre and other legal centres. The campaign aims to stop people from entering into contracts that are not in their financial interests. It empowers people to report breaches of the rules that govern door-to-door sales.

View the videos online

The videos are available with captions and transcripts to view online:

Run a 'Do not knock' community legal education session

We have a ‘how to guide’ that covers the basic steps required to deliver effective and engaging sessions that can be tailored to target groups, including communities that are particularly vulnerable, such as:

  • older people
  • disability groups
  • culturally diverse groups and newly arrived communities.

The guide includes resources and speakers' notes.

See How to run a Do not knock community legal education session on the Do Not Knock website.

Do not knock stickers

You can get a 'Do not knock' sticker to put on your door. This warns sales people that they are breaking the law if they knock on your door. To order copies of the 'Do not knock' sticker in quantities up to 50, download Consumer Affairs Victoria's General publications order form and lodge the form by email or post.

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