When separating – Introduction

When separating – Introduction

A brief introduction to the When separating videos. These videos have been made to help you think through issues to do with separation, get any help you may need, and do what’s best for your children.

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Text: When separating. Introduction. Victoria Legal Aid Lawyers and Services.

Three teenagers, Francesca, Isaac and Josh, lean over a farm gate in rural surrounds and address the camera.

Josh: Hi, my name is Josh.

Francesca: I’m Francesca.

Isaac: And I’m Isaac.

Josh: And we’re here to introduce ‘When Separating’.

Francesca: We speak on behalf of tens of thousands of kids across Australia with separated families.

Isaac: We’ve learned that when parents separate, what’s most important is being reasonable, keeping things together, acting properly and letting your kids know that you love them.

Josh: Because we all have families and separation is hard on everyone—it’s confusing, it’s stressful, it raises a whole lot of questions and many of them don’t have many answers.

Francesca: Which is why family lawyers and other experts have put together this information to show you that there are right ways to resolve disputes.

Isaac: We’ve seen families experience separation and stay strong. You can’t do everything but you can do your best. We know you will.

Text: Some of the scenes in this film may be confronting, however, it is also a story of hope. The story is not based on any particular family, and reflects the experience of thousands of Australian women, men and children affected by separation.

Text (next screen): The information in these films is a general guide to the law. You should not rely on these films as legal advice. It is recommended you talk to a lawyer about our particular situation. © 2012 Legal Aid WA. This film has been adapted from resources produced by the Legal Aid WA When separating project. Victoria Legal Aid thanks Legal Aid WA for permission to reproduce this content. This information is copyright. All persons or organisations wanting to reproduce this material should get permission from Legal Aid WA.