Junior Counsel

Junior Counsel

Selection process

Junior advocates are shortlisted on the basis of an expression of interest, including their curriculum vitae and a letter of nomination by a senior member of the profession.

Shortlisted applicants are then asked to perform in a simulated advocacy exercise before a panel.

How are Lead Counsel and Junior Counsel partnered?

Lead Counsel and Junior Counsel are invited to a ‘meet and greet’ event. Junior counsel are then invited to nominate who they wish to work with and we do our best to facilitate these preferences.

Consultation with solicitors on their preferences is another important part of the partnering process. Every attempt is made to ensure that the best combination of advocates is available to solicitors’ clients.

Do Junior Counsel work with one or several Lead Counsel?

Junior Counsel are matched with different Lead Counsel over a 12–18 month period. This ensures that they gain a variety of experience. To promote and encourage joint preparation and opportunities for feedback, Lead Counsel and Junior Counsel receive an additional three hours conference time.


All Junior Counsel receive brief fees consistent with Table M in the VLA Handbook for lawyers. However, Junior Counsel are also entitled to an additional three hours' conferencing fee to account for learning conversations that take place between them and Lead Counsel throughout the trial.

Formal training

Junior Counsel are funded to participate in skills-based advocacy training workshops with the Australian Advocacy Institute. These take place over a weekend throughout the program.


The program runs over a 12–18 month period for each cohort of Junior Counsel. In some circumstances, Junior Counsel may be invited to participate for an additional year.

Junior Counsel from the 2017 intake

The the six junior advocates currently participating in the 2017 intake of the Trial Counsel Development Program are:

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