Family Law Property Pilot

Family Law Property Pilot

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) will commence the Family Law Property Pilot on 1 January 2020. This small scheme will help people in resolving their family law property disputes under a VLA-assessed grant of aid. The pilot eligibility guidelines, and the guidance notes will be available in the Handbook from 1 January 2020.

Lawyers participating in the pilot must completed the financial statement with their client. It requires information about the client’s asset pool, current financial situation and their initial thoughts about settlement. It also requires lawyers to provide an overview of the issues in dispute and acknowledge that they have provided advice to their client about their options and responsibilities, collected relevant supporting documents, and conducted due diligence.

Download the financial statement form

Download the Family Law Property Pilot – financial statement form (docx, 327.58 KB).


For more information contact Manager, Family Law Review, Samantha Watson via

More information

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