Summary Crime Panel

Summary Crime Panel

We invite practitioners to apply for inclusion on the section 29A Summary Crime Panel. This panel includes an optional subset for youth crime.

The panel is an exclusive panel. This means that firms and practitioners will need to be on this panel to receive grants of legal assistance for summary crime matters.

Under the panel application process, both firms and individual practitioners must apply.

Before you apply

Practitioners must read the Information package: Summary Crime Panel and Youth Crime subset (pdf, 548.61 KB) or accessible Word version (178.87 KB) before submitting an application.

What matters this panel covers

The Summary Crime Panel is a practitioner panel under section 29A of the Legal Aid Act 1978 covering matters undertaken for adults in the Magistrates’ Court including:

  • summary crime matters including traffic offences and infringements heard in the Magistrates’ Court
  • bail applications and variations in the Magistrates’ Court and County Court
  • indictable crime matters that can be heard summarily
  • criminal appeals to the County Court
  • any summary crime matter involving a sexual offence (as defined in Section 3 of the Criminal Procedure Act 2009)
  • breaches of family violence or personal safety intervention orders.

Youth Crime subset matters

The Summary Crime Panel includes an optional subset for youth crime matters.

Practitioners who are approved as Panel Certifiers on the Youth Crime Subset of the Summary Crime Panel may also act in:

  • proceedings in the Criminal Division of the Children’s Court
  • any criminal law matter from the list relating to the Summary Crime Panel above involving a child (as defined in the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005)

Practitioners must be approved for both the Summary Crime Panel and the Youth Crime Subset to be able to act in these matters.

How panel membership works

Victoria Legal Aid’s panel membership model includes a role for both firms and individual practitioners. Panel membership is by firm, except for the Independent Children’s Lawyer Panel.

Pursuant to section 29A(7) of the Legal Aid Act all partners, directors and employees of a panel firm are also considered to be included on a relevant panel, and can work on legally aided matters. However, under the panels model only practitioners who have been approved as Panel Certifiers can receive grants of legal assistance on behalf of a client. As such, for a firm’s membership to be active, individual practitioners employed by the firm must be approved as Panel Certifiers.

Full details of the panel membership model can be found in Information package: Summary Crime Panel and Youth Crime subset (pdf, 548.61 KB).

Entry requirements

It is essential that firms and practitioners are familiar with the entry requirements, including the assessment guidelines supporting the requirements, before applying for the panel.

The assessment guidelines included with the entry requirements provide essential information about how we will assess applicants against the entry requirements. Firms and practitioners who are not able to meet the entry requirements may be eligible for an exemption.

Firm and individual entry requirements and information about the assessment process and exemptions to entry requirements are available in the Information package: Summary Crime Panel and Youth Crime subset (pdf, 548.61 KB).

When to apply

Firms and private practitioners can apply at any time, as the Summary Crime Panel is continuously open.

Application forms

Private law firms employing one or more private practitioner applicants must submit a completed Section 29A panels firm application form. Only one firm application is required per firm regardless of how many private practitioner applicants it employs.

Private practitioners employed by the firm who are seeking approval as Panel Certifiers must each submit a completed Summary Crime Panel application form (pdf, 230.4 KB) and a completed Youth Crime Subset application form (pdf, 117.74 KB) if seeking approval on the Youth Crime Subset panel.

Completed forms must be submitted via email to Paper applications will not be accepted.

For further information about the application form and process, please refer to Information package: Summary Crime Panel 2014 (pdf, 1.55 MB).


If you would like more information, please contact:

Panels Co-ordinator
Phone: (03) 9606 5264

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