Accredited Specialisation

Accredited Specialisation

The Law Institute Victoria runs the Accredited Specialisation program to recognise lawyers who have demonstrated superior knowledge, experience and proficiency in a particular area of law.

We recognise the value of the specialisation program as a means of ensuring quality legal representation for legally aided clients. This is reflected in the fact that entry requirements for our section 29A panels allow a more streamlined application pathway for accredited specialists.

Specialisation is also a great way for lawyers to advance their career and update their legal skills.

Victoria Legal Aid currently has 39 accredited criminal law specialists, 17 accredited children’s law specialists, 11 accredited family law specialists, one accredited immigration law specialist and two accredited administrative law specialist.

Study support offered in 2018

In 2018 we are offering a study support program for lawyers from Victoria Legal Aid, community legal centres and private practitioner panel firms undertaking specialist accreditation in criminal law and children’s law.

The program will commence in early February  2018. It will include a range of professional legal education lectures, Saturday intensive study sessions, study groups. A range of  study notes, resources and exam preparation will also be provided.

The study program is a great opportunity for specialisation candidates to collaborate and share their knowledge, experience and resources leading up to the exams.

If you are interested in participating in the study support program please contact:

Eveline Pagnani
Phone: (03) 9269 0619

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