What is a contribution?

What is a contribution?

A contribution is when you have to pay all or part of your grant back to Victoria Legal Aid. We work this out by looking at your financial situation to see how much you can afford to pay.

Making payments

You can pay your contribution by direct debit, cheque, money order or at any Victoria Legal Aid office. You will be asked to pay monthly instalments or a lump sum upfront depending on your financial situation. You will get back anything you have overpaid at the end of your case.

Tell us if your financial situation changes

You must tell Victoria Legal Aid if there are any changes to your financial situation. If your situation improves, for example you get a job, your monthly instalment may increase. If your situation gets worse, for example your car may need major work, we can discuss reducing your monthly instalment for a few months.

We may review your situation

We can also review your financial situation. If it has improved, we may ask you to pay back all of your contribution immediately.

Get independent legal advice to help you decide whether you agree to the conditions of your grant.

How we can help

Call us on 1300 792 387, Monday to Friday from 8.45 am to 5.15 pm, to find out about getting a grant of legal assistance.