About Victoria Legal Aid presentation kit

About Victoria Legal Aid presentation kit

About Victoria Legal Aid is a multimedia resource kit for Victoria Legal Aid staff to use when speaking to workers and intermediaries about our services. The kit contains:

Who is the kit for?

This kit is designed for use when speaking to workers and intermediaries including youth workers, health and community sector workers, community leaders, AMES settlement information officers and case workers, multicultural services, and public sector and government workers.

The resources developed can be adapted and used for some client groups where appropriate, however this is not the intended primary audience. The video, in particular, specifically addresses workers who may identify legal issues among their client groups and want to refer people to Victoria Legal Aid.

Comments and feedback

This kit is maintained by the Community Legal Education team. Questions, comments and feedback are always welcome, email cle@vla.vic.gov.au or phone (03) 9269 0393.

Video transcript

Voiceover: Legal aid provides legal assistance to many people who can’t afford to pay for it.

[Vision of members of the community – a series of still images of faces.]

Voiceover: But we all know it can be hard for people with complex problems to get the help they need.  

[Vision of image of still image of a young man with an onscreen quote: ‘I can’t pay my fines.’]

If you work with people who are disadvantaged or at risk, you’ll have clients who need legal help.

[Vision of still image of young woman looking worried with an onscreen quote: ‘I got a letter that says I have to go to court.’]

Victoria Legal Aid provides free legal information and education services for everyone in the community, and more intensive forms of help to those who need them most.

[Vision of still image of older woman with an onscreen quote: ‘I don’t feel safe because of violence at home.’]

We prioritise helping people facing serious consequences and those with complex needs.

[Vision of text onscreen with the words involuntary detention, family violence, children and young people, people with a disability and an image of an older woman in a wheelchair]

We help people at court every day, visit prisons and mental health facilities, and provide help in many areas of law at our offices and outreach locations.

[Vision of animated map of Victoria with pop-up icons indicating locations of Victoria Legal Aid offices and outreach locations where help is available at courts, prisons and mental health facilities.]

There are four main ways people can access help.

Visit our website for up-to-date information about a wide range of legal issues and to order free publications and education kits in English and many community languages.

[Vision of Victoria Legal Aid’s website and publications.]

For a new legal problem, call Legal Help, our state-wide telephone service where lawyers are on hand.

[Vision of Legal Help staff on the phone at Victoria Legal Aid.]

 Visit the nearest Victoria Legal Aid office.

[Vision of woman walking in to Victoria Legal Aid office.]

Speak to one of our lawyers on duty at many courts and tribunals across Victoria. It's a good idea to phone our Legal Help line first so we can help you prepare for court.

[Vision of client speaking to a lawyer.]

What happens once someone contacts us?

Our staff speak a range of languages and can get an interpreter if people need information in their own language.

[Vision of translator, client and lawyer.]

We work out what type of help each person is eligible for.

[Vision of Legal Help staff on the phone at Victoria Legal Aid.]

We can provide information on the spot, or link a person with one of our services.   

[Vision of person handing information brochure to another person.]

We can also refer people to other services or a community legal centre.

[Split screen vision of Legal Help staff on the phone at Victoria Legal Aid speaking to Women’s Legal Service staff on the phone.]

By helping your clients to use our services, you’ll be working with us to improve access to justice in the Victorian community.

[Vision of youth worker handing Legal Help card to distressed young woman on the street.]

[Vision of the following text appearing onscreen:]

For free information about the law and how we can help you, call Legal Help on 1300 792 387
Monday to Friday, between 8.45 am and 5.15 pm

To find your nearest office or for more information visit our website www.legalaid.vic.gov.au

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