Settled and Safe training

Settled and Safe training

To help legal service providers and organisations engaging with newly emerging communities deliver legal information about legal rights and responsibilities around family relationships, we have developed two training programs for Settled and Safe:

A training package has been developed to deliver these programs.

To deliver Settled and Safe to communities, it is also important that educators are able to deliver legal education, as well as have an understanding of group facilitation, adult learning principles and strength-based practice.

Settlement worker training

Settlement worker training aims to improve settlement workers’ understanding of the laws and legal processes for resolving family matters, and how members of newly emerging communities can access legal help and services.

The training is delivered over two days. This training program must be undertaken by settlement workers before the delivery of the information sharing program.

Information sharing program

The information sharing program aims to improve people from emerging communities’ knowledge about Victorian and Australian laws concerning family violence, family law and child protection.

The program also builds connections between newly emerging communities and local support and legal services.

The program comprises individual sessions that are delivered in partnership with settlement service providers. The sessions:

  • engage members of a newly emerging community about laws in Australia through the use of community stories
  • create a participatory learning environment where the cultural expertise and experience of newly emerging community members is used as a basis for learning about the application of law in Australia.

The program is delivered in partnership with settlement workers after they have participated in the two-day worker training program.

Fundamental to Settled and Safe is the use of community stories to convey legal information. Community stories are written and developed with members of newly emerging communities to ensure they are culturally relevant and recognisable.

The training package

This training package has been developed for use by legal service providers and organisations engaging with newly emerging communities in order to deliver legal information:

It contains the training materials and session plans that were developed by Victoria Legal Aid for the delivery of Settled and Safe.

Delivering legal education

Settled and Safe requires community liaison educators to convey legal information in a way that can be easily understood by a broad audience in various settings. It is desirable if the community liaison educator also understands group facilitation, adult learning principles and strength-based practice.

There are a number of short courses in facilitation available through TAFEs and other learning providers. The skills and knowledge obtained in training and assessment qualifications would be very useful in delivering Settled and Safe.

Developing legal knowledge

Community liaison educators delivering the program need a general understanding of Commonwealth family law, and relevant state family violence and children’s law (child protection). The community liaison educators should be able to confidently explain these areas using simple and easy to understand terms and apply their knowledge to practical examples and community stories.

The following learning activities are suggested for community liaison educators to improve their legal knowledge.

Family violence

Community liaison educators must be able to facilitate discussion and deliver information about family violence as a social issue competently and in a way that promotes the safety of women, children and their families.

The AVERT family violence training package provides a sound and practical understanding of family violence, its impact, and appropriate ways to respond to family violence that promote safety.

In addition, a number of family violence introductory courses are offered by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria.

Migration and settlement processes

Successful delivery of Settled and Safe requires a good understanding of the settlement journey, before and after arrival in Australia. The community liaison educator should complete the recommended reading and familiarise themselves with the relevant profile of the community they will be working with.

Community profiles can be found on the websites of local settlement services and on the Victorian Multicultural Commission website.

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