Stay or go?

Stay or go?

About the project

Stay or go? is a preventative education session for young people about the serious consequences of being involved in criminal activity when you are not the main offender.  

Stay or go? is at a pilot stage.

The legal issue

When young people get in trouble with the law, they are usually doing it with someone else.

Records of young people in Victoria who committed offences in 2016 show that more than half offended with at least one other person. More than 70 per cent of young people who co-offend will only offend with other young people (Crime Statistics Agency, Co-offending amongst young Victorian offenders in 2016, 20 July 2016)

Young people may be charged with criminal offences when: 

  • agreeing to commit a crime with another person or persons

  • helping or encouraging another person to commit an offence.  

Even if you are not the one who initiated the crime or you are not the main person driving the offending, you may face the same consequences.  And those consequences can be serious.

Young people may also be charged with crimes where they knowingly help a person who has committed a serious indictable offence to avoid getting arrested or going to court.

Our approach

Lawyers and educators from Victoria Legal Aid have been piloting education sessions with flexible learning centers, VCAL providers and mainstream schools. In these sessions, we explain laws relating to complicity. We want young people to make educated choices.

The sessions are highly interactive and use: 

  • role play 

  • videos 

  • physical activities 

  • discussion.  

We encourage the participants to reflect on questions such as: 

  • Where would you cross the line? 

  • Does your loyalty lie with your own beliefs or with your mates'? 

  • If you are faced with joining in with a criminal activity, in that split-second, would you stay or go?

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