Street law

Street law

About the project

Lawyers and educators from Victoria Legal Aid and community legal centres deliver education sessions using the Street law education kit. The sessions focus on young people’s rights and responsibilities when dealing with police officers and Protective Services Officers (PSOs).  The education kit is also designed for youth workers, teachers and other professionals to deliver this content. 

We gratefully acknowledge the work YouthLaw did in producing the first edition of this kit.

The legal issue

Street Law sessions addresses several common legal issues where young people may find themselves dealing with Police and Protective Service Offices.  Topics include: 

  • giving your name and address
  • being found drunk in public
  • order to move on and stay away
  • weapons searches.  

Our approach

The Street law kit has:

  • background legal information
  • suggested lesson plans and activities, including role plays and group discussion
  • videos developed with young people.

It is a flexible kit and you can tailor it as you need for the sessions you are running. You can also add in your own professional and life experiences too to frame or guide the session. The aim of Street law is to increase young people’s legal knowledge so they can make educated choices.  

Through using Street law, young people can be: 

  • informed of their legal rights and responsibilities when interacting with police and PSOs
  • encouraged to avoid legal risks and to take a practical approach to exercising their rights.  

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