Change to ATLAS Web grant of legal aid application form to reduce returned mail

Change to ATLAS Web grant of legal aid application form to reduce returned mail

Monday, 5 July 2021

In January, 31 per cent of all incoming mail to Victoria Legal Aid was returned to sender. To ensure clients receive information in a timely manner, and to be more environmentally friendly, we are changing the preferred way of being contacted to be email, instead of a postal address.  

This change will come into effect Friday 23 July 2021, making the email address the default field unless changed to ‘NO’ by the user.  

A screen shot of the ATLAS webform

Clients who don’t have an email address

If you have a client who doesn’t have an email address, you will need to change the 'Would you prefer to be contacted by email? box' from YES to NO. This will ensure their correspondence is delivered by post and allow you to move to the next page without triggering errors.  

The change will only apply to new applications

For a client with an existing application, this will not impact what has already been submitted. In situations where a grant needs to be extended, the system will remember the selection from the initial application. However, if you now have an email address for your client, we recommend updating ATLAS to make email the preferred way to be contacted.  

How to implement this change

To help with this change, please ask clients the following questions each time you are collecting their contact details, whether you are a legal assistant, lawyer or private practitioner.

  • Do you have an email address? 
  • Can we send your mail there instead of in the post? 

​More information

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Musgrave, Stakeholder Relations Manager, Grants and Quality Assurance at

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