Changes to services due to COVID-19

Changes to services due to COVID-19

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Like many organisations, we are responding to official advice to protect the health and wellbeing of staff and the community, and to limit the spread of COVID-19, but the situation is evolving daily.

As we begin to experience the disruptions associated with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’re looking at how we continue to deliver services and support health and wellbeing measures for our staff, partners, clients and of course the broader community.

We are continuing to provide legal assistance via our Legal Help phone and online chat services, at courts and tribunals across the state. While our offices remain open, we are asking people to call us first, rather than attending in person. We’re working with our partners in the justice sector to manage the impact of service changes they might need to introduce too. There will likely be disruptions to some services as we implement alternative working arrangements or reduced service levels.

From Wednesday 18 March, we will be introducing new health, safety and wellbeing measures and some changes to service delivery.

New measures include:

  • all clients will be asked questions about their health and recent travel, in line with government recommendations before we can assist them
  • providing phone advice rather than face-to-face services where possible
  • staff are encouraged to work from home where possible
  • cancelling all non-essential travel for staff, cancelling events and conferences, conducting meetings via teleconference rather than face-to-face
  • all recruitment interviews will be conducted via teleconference
  • practicing social distancing in our offices and other settings.

There measures are to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19 through the community, prevent and contain further suspected and actual cases among our staff and ensuring continuity of services and operations. We’re aiming to minimize contact between staff and other community members as much as possible too.

The work we all do is certainly important, but we must focus on the health and wellbeing of everyone we work with during this time.

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