Conference highlights commitment to human rights

Conference highlights commitment to human rights

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

As part of our ongoing commitment to human rights, we are supporting the upcoming Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference, which will be held on 20 July.

Our organisation works to make sure human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled every day in our case work and advocacy within the justice system.

We often correct unfairness in the law or within systems for vulnerable clients.

We also see how our clients’ legal problems are intricately and often unfairly linked to their backgrounds and socio-economic status. In helping them overcome their legal issues we are working to ensure they are treated fairly and with dignity.

Executive Director Civil Justice, Access and Equity Rowan McRae said our organisation's role is closely aligned with human rights and ensuring everyone is equal before the law.

‘Equality before the law is a fundamental human right. Victoria Legal Aid focuses on protecting the rights of Victorians and ensuring access to justice.

‘For example, the civil law services we provide are ultimately about human rights, including detention of people with mental illnesses, discrimination or eviction into homelessness.

‘We’re proud to co-sponsor this conference because it brings together experienced and inspiring human rights professionals working across many fields to discuss how best to protect fundamental human rights,’ Rowan said.

More information

For more information about the event, see The Annual Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference.

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